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Leadership & Strategy

Leadership & Strategy programs aim to assist executives in developing the ability to identify the most effective business tools and strategies to achieve competitive edge for their company. Translating strategy from conception to execution is a herculian task that requires strategic thinking and skill. Maximize your team’s productivity, drive breakthrough innovation, and secure a competitive edge for your departments and your company. Through hands-on exercises and dynamic discussions you will  learn management and leadership best practices that will help you master complex challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Comprehensive trainings will address the crucial areas needed to sharpen the skills for top management executives. It will combine practical guidance, strategic insights and analytical frameworks, with key points illustrated by case study examples and interactive exercises.

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Strategic Thinking and Business Planning

The ongoing success of any company requires an awareness of what is changing inside and outside of an organization and a willingness to drive change to become more efficient and effective. Through a series of interactive processes, this training will help you master strategic thinking skills to improve ability to lead with confidence and make difficult decisions even in the presence of complex and conflicting data. The sessions will increase the effectiveness of both individual and team decision making skills. More importantly, it will allow for the discovery of new opportunities within and external to the organisation.

Key Benefits
  • Accurately assessing risks and improving department or organisational effectiveness
  • Implementing strategies that increase the probability of success in projects
  • Improving your effectiveness as a business leader
  • Gaining stakeholder engagement and support
  • Supporting business strategy through clear goal creation
  • Quickly diagnosing organisational problems
  • Evaluating the dynamics of competition
  • Respond more quickly and confidently to changes in the business environment
  • Make better decisions the first time around
  • Identify opportunities both within and external to the organisation
  • Develop human capital within the organisation to embrace and respond to change

The workshop dedicates fifty percent of class time to practicing and mastering strategic thinking skills to ensure the skills are able to be effectively used.  Class size is limited to 15 attendees to ensure maximum interaction and personalized feedback. The course will provide a robust tool set for executives and managers who need to participate in strategic planning and management activities.

Target Audience
Directors, Heads of Department, Line Managers, Analysts, Strategic Planners of:
  • Corporate Performance
  • Finance and Budget
  • Operations
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Business Development
  • Change Management
  • Quality Management
  • Information Technology

Good To Growth

Much has been said about starting a business but the real challenge is staying in business. The statistics are sobering: fifty percent of small to medium businesses fail within the first five years; 70 percent fail within the first ten. Knowing where you are, where you want to go and how to get there requires tools and skills.

This workshop acts as your personal advizor in building your department, your team or your business. Most important aspects of any business are discussed that will help you develop a blueprint to bring your business to a new level.  You will have the opportunity to look at your business from a different perspective, discover new strategies to turn your endeavors into a profitable enterprise that works without you. This program is suitable for both new and established businesses wanting to become more agile, resilient and take their growth to the next level.  The training will give you renewed clarity, clear goals and a documented week-by-week plan to ensure your success.


Key Benefits
  • Understanding your clients’ motivation
  • Defining key sales success drivers and focusing on improving them
  • Turning your business into a profitable enterprise that works without you
  • Making practical changes to your business operations
  • Creating viable plans to continue developing and improving your business
  • Stepping back and taking a forensic view of how your business is doing
  • Identifying gaps in management, cost control, service gaps and staff training needs
  • Upgrading your ideas and keeping the business fresh

Being an entrepreneur, a business owner, can be a lonely business and it is invaluable to talk with others who are in the same position. We spend two days in a private and confidential environment where you can work through challenges, generate new ideas and improve the skills that matter. You will be able to make a profit for yourself, your team and your company. This course is for business owners who would like to step back, step out and take a look at how their business is working for them.

Target Audience
Owners, Directors, CEO’s of SME’s and and Start-up Companies


Leadership Skills for Managers

Time and again, studies show that the biggest mistake new managers make is to try to “wing it.” Outstanding business leaders are strategic decision makers. They have the self-discipline to manage themselves, the self-confidence to motivate teams, and the self-awareness to realize their true leadership potential.

Relating well to former peers who are now your subordinates, and handling these changing relationships in a way that is comfortable for everyone requires skill and knowledge. If you want to discover secrets for motivating and encouraging people to do their personal best for you, and find out how to discipline firmly and fairly, without creating resentment, this training is for you. It will not only show you how to positively influence the behavior of your employees, but also reveal ways to handle negative forces such as gossip, rumors, and poor attitudes.

You will gain the skills and supervisory how to’s you need to get others to go that extra mile. This workshop is for leaders that want to build morale and increase productivity of their teams, learn strategies for handling conflict, curb absenteeism and acquire a supervisor’s mindset and image.

Key Benefits
  • Improving communication and effectively delivering criticism and discipline for employee growth
  • Getting things done on time and on target – Curbing absenteeism, tardiness and employee turnover
  • Leading organizational change and fostering a culture of creative thinking
  • Developing your personal management style
  • Effectively dealing with conflict
  • Developing a strong professional presence
  • Identifying capabilities for success at various spheres of accountability
  • Leading and managing through change

Course is structured so that you can work through challenges, generate new ideas and improve the skills that matter.We will encourage you to step back, step out and reframe in order to understand where you are now and what are the skills that you would like improved for a more impactful team leadership and guidance. Concepts and methodologies are explained using real-world examples and best practices derived from years of hand on experience.

Target Audience
Managers and Supervisors that are interested in enhancing their leadership and management skills and improve their own effectiveness as well as the effectiveness of their teams.

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