Leading Industry Specialists and Consutlants

Accredited international consultants that are carefully selected according to your specific needs, ensuring their experience and training style are suited to your industry and organizational structure

Tailored to Your Needs

Tailored programs that suit the specific learning and development requirements of your organization

Pre or Post Event Consulting Options

Provide additional value to your training – use our pre and post services with individualized personal improvements, and design action-priority tables that can be immediately implemented within the organization

Confidential Environment

Delivery to your staff exclusively in a confidential environment for better team performance and an open discussion of company-specific issues and challenges

Target Current Trends and Technologies

Engaging workshops, case studies, role play,
live software demonstrations and hands-on computer exercises
to address real-world solutions. Timely training is imperative
if you are to mitigate risk in the face of ever-changing legislative
and market challenges.

A business man writing on a futuristic panel
A large group of diverse c level executives listening to an expert present and resolve their department issues

Learn From the Best

IndaCasa consultants are internationally recognized specialists and practitioners with extensive hands-on experience in their chosen fields. They are carefully selected based on their experience, their client lists, delegate feedback, regional experience, cultural sensitivity and curated to match our clients’ specific needs.


Interactive Solutions

Workshops, case studies, live software demonstrations, role play and hands-on computer exercises


Engage Your Team Members

Smaller teams ensure 100% engagement. Everyone hears the same message and learns the same methods


Focused Content

Custom design your course and tackle company's hot buttons in a private setting

Why Schedule a Professional Development Event for Your Employees?

Specialized Trainings as the Key to the Success and Growth of your Employees and your Company

Benchmark against the knowledge and know-how of top companies in the world through case studies our consultants have developed for international clients that will guide you on the path to a measurable success.

Learn from expert practitioners that have exceptional industry experience and reputation. Choose between experts according to their client list, years of practical experience and testimonies of their clients.

Save money and time if five or more employees need training on the same topic. Save 20-60% over public seminars/conferences by bringing an IndaCasa seminar in-house.

Get focused content through tailored approach. Your training can target current trends and technologies affecting your organization and industry.

Raise employee engagement through workshops, case studies, live software demonstrations, role play and hands-on computer lab exercises that address real-world solutions.

Develop skills that increase your team’s productivity and the quality of their work.

Mitigate risk in the face of ever changing legislative and market challenges through a timely training.

Customizable trainings that suit every organization’s need.

Easy & Simple - Individualize and Optimize

When it comes to solutions we offer optimization, versatility and practicality. Ask us for a one to one consultation to discuss your needs and how we can help you improve your company’s core strengths. 

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Latest Cutting Edge 

Training content and materials that ensure consistent and relevant information for your company's unique environment and market position.
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On Going Performance Monitoring

Track the progress of participants and determine your training dollar return on investment through the offering of our enhanced learning experience.

Continuous Online Support

IndaCasa Portal will provide a gateway for course materials, discussion forums with the trainers, web learning options and other relevant news articles to sustain a user friendly approach for your learning and development needs.
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Our Clients are Our Partners

The need

We identify needs and help companies optimize their everyday operations


We do not follow trends but extract the good and discard the bad for sustainable and innovative solutions


We collaborate with our clients in order to create the best possible solutions tailored to their specific needs


We believe people are the biggest asset and one of our main goals is building relationships, both internally and with our clients

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